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Homeschooling is for mothers who understand the true meaning of education

That said I believe that  for the first six years, schooling is not necessary, provided we are there for the kid and have meaningful conversations , requisite energy , inclination, time and passion to give to the kid.

As for me

I am homeschooling my kid till he is six years old( but it may extend depending on how things go with homeschooling), and with that number in mind, I am charting out our learning activities and program.

Things to check before Stepping into homeschooling

Missing school for a couple of initial years is not such a big disaster as people think it is, in fact if we look at our own lives we will realize that the learning happening in schools is so minuscule compared to the time we have spent in them.

Remember Art lessons delivered in schools ( I am speaking of the mainstream schools here), they actually kill your passion for art and you do not get to experience the joy of knowledge which goes into making art.

Art is important to homeschooling, not only homeschooling is an art, but art lessons are necessary for generating interest in learning and overall cognitive development.


Homeschooling can give the kids the kind of attention and focus that schools can’t, in a class of many kids it is difficult for a teacher to gauge the readiness level in kids and all the kids are made to go through the same activities irrespective of whether they are ready for it or are capable of doing more than what is offered to them in the class.

In my blog Certificate of preschooling  I discuss about one of the issues that we faced while homeschooling our kid, in the certificate obsessed society, where learning has been reduced to a process of getting a certificate.

Homeschooling should strengthen the bond between parents and kids and not weaken it. It should be done in such a manner that kids look forward to learning not escaping from it.

But at the same time , I must add that homeschooling can get challenging at times, and on top of regular housework, it can lead to stress and fatigue. There are however a lot of ways to cope and my way of coping I have mentioned in the blog Fighting off fatigue .

Homeschooling is extremely rewarding for the parent too….it enables us to relive our childhood again, forces us to stop and smell the roses.


Some mothers have asked me if I had any formal training in teaching to be able to home school. Well no, I have never taught in any school as a teacher even though I have a teaching degree but  teacher training is not a necessary to be able to homeschool.

Socialization is another thing which is of concern to parents, but in my opinion homeschooled kids are as social if not more than school going kids. I think there will be plenty of opportunities to mingle with other kids in playground and classes like music, dance, skating etc.


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