Homeschooling is fun and very rewarding both for the parent and the kid, especially during early years, when all a kid needs is parents and their attention.

But for parents it means hard work too, it requires effort to devise activities, indulge in meaningful conversations, and plan lessons apart from entertaining and playing that is required to be done everyday.

That is the reason it might not be for families where both parents are working.

As for me

I am homeschooling my kid till he is six years old (but it may extend depending on how things progress).

During early years homeschooling is very rewarding for a kid, because really, all a kid needs is love and care and who can provide it better than a parent and what environment can be more conducive than a home?

Homeschooling should strengthen the bond between parents and kids and not weaken it. It should be done in such a manner that kids look forward to learning, not escaping from it-   who wants to learn from a grumpy pushy parent?

At the same time, homeschooling can get challenging on top of regular housework, it can lead to stress and fatigue but it also gives you immense freedom as you are not bound by the schedule of a school and you can definitely plan and find time to relax.

Some mothers have asked me if I am trained in teaching – I have been trained in teaching but that degree in no way prepared me to be a good teacher and I never taught in any school, nor do I claim that I am a good teacher, what matters though is my willingness to learn, so that I could give the best to my kid.

Socialization is another thing which is of concern to parents, but in my opinion homeschooled kids are as social if not more and there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with other kids in playground and if you enlist for classes like music, dance, skating or simply take them to the park everyday etc.

Some parents say it is necessary to expose kids to unpleasant experiences like bullying that happen in the school, they argue it prepares them for life, but I believe bullying and unpleasantness should not happen at any stage in life, and exposing kids to bullying is not like vaccinating them for protection from it in future, exposure to bullying in school does not help kids in any way, on the contrary they might learn wrong coping mechanisms due to their limited experience and thinking. I believe many kids choose not to share these bullying episodes with their parents and teachers but develop their own coping mechanisms which might harm them more at that time and in the future too.

What is really required for kids especially in early years is a caring and loving environment with access to resources and it can surely be done at home.

*Homeschooling is not necessary and it might not be the best choice for many parents, but I know it also might be the best choice for many for at least some years of schooling and I wish government should step in to provide support to parents who choose to homeschool.