yoga 004

Yesterday I did yoga after going off it for three days continuously, I was really not up for it, and I had acidity, an after affect of overeating ( I do slip sometimes). I also let my son stay at home, infact I feel he rarely goes to school, I am an indulgent mom:).

I knew my whole day was going to be busy one considering I had to take my son out to park, can’t have him holed up at home whole day, then the cleaning and cooking jobs, spending some learning time with my son, the list of chores to do is endless, so I decided to get on to yoga just after an hour of heavy breakfast, I was still feeling the acidity in my food pipe. I feared yoga would make it worse ( after all we are supposed to do yoga on an empty stomach), but the guilt of not doing it for three whole days was stronger and I decided to get on with it. First two poses were uncomfortable, but as I progressed with my daily routine poses, I realised that, the acidity was disappearing, my body felt lighter and relaxed, I felt the heaviness lifting and by the end of exercise I was relieved of acidity and in a much better mood.Nothing bad happened 🙂

In addition I want to clarify that I have chosen not to take a maid ( maid free house), though they are not very expensive and are readily available, I feel uncomfortable to have them around. So the whole housework and looking and caring for a child can be overwhelming at times, coupled with the fact that my hubby has late night dinner (he is out till late in the night), I cannot really wind up before 11 pm on most days , which makes it difficult to get up early for yoga.

Hope I will come out with some solution, as I do not want long gaps in my practice.


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