Two days of homeschooling and so far it is going good, earlier I never made an effort to sit and talk with my son deliberately, but last two days, I have sat down with him and discussed things, we do not have fancy teaching material, but we do the following things for now:

  1. Draw a lot of things on the chalk board that a friend gifted us and they are not necessarily numbers and alphabets, but sharks, babies, boats, flowers and trees and they are far from perfect drawings but  there is something that is emerging, for example my son draws a shark which has a streamlined body that fishes have, has two eyes and some stick like gill at top, he also draws an apple and questions why he has to draw a stick at top, because he has never seen it in apples he eats:).
  2. We also learn by dancing and actions, I ask him Name five insects, and it is amazing that I never asked him to memorize all the insects he named, he had actually seen  them in house and park, so he knew the classification insect before I asked him to name them, so on we go, we jump on one leg for each insect name he says out loud, grasshopper and one jump, ant and jump on other leg and so on and it is fun , same with veggies and fruits.
  3. Yesterday when I went to buy some bread and cheese from grocer’s, my son was pressing his face against the glass door of the chocolate cupboard, he turned and asked me , “Can I have a chocolate?”, usually when he was going to school and he looked dejected, I would buy him one, but yesterday, I knew how much fun he had in park and had a lot of good food, so I said,”chocolate causes cavities”, and to my surprise he said “okay”, there was another lady shopping in the store, she was amazed, and remarked, “touchwood, you have got a very good kid there”.
  4. We had more fun today morning, he wanted some juice , so we made it into a learning thing, we sang , “let’s take some oranges” as we took them from basket, “and then cut them in half with knife”, as I halved them, and then “squeeze , squeeze , squeeze” over the orange juicer, “pour it in the glass“, “wow it is tasty”. So we juiced two oranges for him like this , he learnt, enjoyed and had fresh fruit juice.
  5. Also when we walk down to park and pass some parked cars, we discuss what color they are, and read their number plates, we read numbers in the lift and anywhere we can.
  6. Yesterday he even asked the vegetable vendor , “what rate apples were going for?”, and he said “300 a kg” and he repeated “300 a kg?”, though he does not know what a kg means but I think I should now rack my brains to teach him about that.

So I am improvising and making an effort, I am learning too, about how my kid learns, so this is another job that I have taken up and I want to be good at it. Let’s see how things turn out, in the meanwhile, I am just concentrating at having meaningful conversations with him, to bond with him, something that the preschools are missing with their emphasis on teaching academic skills, and I am sure my kid will learn reading and writing skills sooner than later.


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