“Eight looks like a snowman”, said my son, when I showed him the number eight when he was two years old and I thought it was interesting analogy, how come I never saw it that way?

When  we see some ant in the grass he always asks where it’s mom is? if he sees a bee, he asks where it’s mom is and where is it going? what is it doing? and why is it doing what it is doing?

Where is it’s mom? – is the one thing my son always inquires and it seems it is a very important question to him right now.

I have to say, I have never felt so valued in my life, as I am feeling now, my son asks about everybody’s mom as if it is the most important thing that one should have. I guess this happens when you are around your kid when he needs you the most and homeschooling gives you the opportunity to be around and be involved with your kid.

However, there are certain things we have to ask ourselves before we get into homeschooling:

  • Am I confident that I can take on this task happily.
  • What should a six year old kid know, in case six years is the age up to which I want to homeschool? ( so you have a have a goal)
  • Do I have time to spend with my kid , at least two to three hours a day when I can just play and learn with him?
  • Do I like having conversations with my kid? ( because conversations are base for learning for a very long time)
  • Do I have the ability to really listen and know the kid’s perspective what he thinks about what he is doing? what he feels? what interests him?
  • Am I willing to socialise with other moms, so that my kid gets the company of other kids at places like – park, skating classes or birthday parties?
  • Do I have a loving and peaceful home environment? ( fights and acrimony between spouses is bad for kids)
  • Am I willing to indulge in and create activities that will be learning and fun for my kid?
  • Am I positive, peaceful, patient and happy most of the times if not all times with my kid?
  • Is my spouse supportive of homeschooling?
  • Am I okay with long breaks wherein no learning seems to take place at all , or other important things in life get in the way of actively devoting time to my kid?
  • Am I confident enough to stick by my decision to homeschool? (because societal pressures do get to you a lot of time, homeschooling is not a  norm and people will judge and question you).

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