Toys are really expensive and these days, toy shops are everywhere it seems, full of toys from floor to ceiling, this is infact what a toy shop looks like packed and cluttered from floor to ceiling. It is hard to deny our kids the toys at every outing, and in doing so we think we are making them happy, but that happiness is as short lived as five minutes with a toy, or a ride home and poof goes the value for your money. They are also so distracting and clutter the house, I have been guilty of buying toys myself though not so much as some of my friends, and still I have two huge baskets and too jute bags full of toys and despite trying my best to organise them I still find them littered around the house in every nook and corner and in the bed, it is strange how we miss so many small parts which prick us only when we are retiring to a good night’s sleep.

Lately though we have not been buying toys, even if we step inside a toy shop I just say no to my son and I am not ashamed in telling him in a loud voice that we cannot afford it, and he seems to understand, he has never thrown a tantrum in the shop and is happy to go home without a toy, so I think we have been the culprits all through, we inculcate the habit of buying something at every outing and feel bad when a kid would not take no for an answer.

Toys have their place in childhood, but that should not mean that they should have a negative effect instead of a positive one, lot of toys leads to :

  1. Distraction
  2. sense of entitlement
  3. clutter
  4. waste of money
  5. pollution ( there is so much plastic that we are buying)

so this year we are happy to buy fewer toys and not fall prey to the gimmick of advertisers saying our kid would miss an important developmental milestone if he doesn’t have the toys they are selling.


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