It is our republic day and my forever busy hubby is at home so I asked him to participate in the learning process of my son and he has done a decent job, he has laid down flashcards on the bed and my son is counting and learning numbers. He has also asked him to draw something on the board and my son came up with a dramatic story, he drew water with blue chalk and a shark it’s baby and a drowning boy, adding that no one is saving the drowning boy, it seems like a dark drawing but actually it is good imagination and fun and now as I write this they are playing crosses and Os on the board.

I realise learning can be such fun when the parents don’t make it a structured activity and do not follow a timetable and get down to learning as and when they find time and inclination, I must say learning is faster this way and so fulfilling. It is time we do away with timetables especially when very young kids are to be taught, and get down to learning whenever we feel like it and when we feel our kid would be most receptive and comfortable.


3 thoughts on “Unstructured Learning

  1. Ah, you are brave. I am not sure my sons would have been happy with me as their teacher. Enjoy these special moments and happy republic day. Somehow I am just noting that it is the same day as Australia Day- how did I never notice that before?


    1. Thanks for the complement Erika, I am Indian and today is our republic day. I guess every kid is different, and I noticed he was scared and uncomfortable around his teachers, so may be that explains. Thanks for connecting here.


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