We spend a lot of time in park, around 1 pm a lot of kids return from the schools and join us in the park with their mothers, nannies or grandparents. Yesterday my son climbed up a tall cemented structure at one corner of the park and refused to get down, when I insisted, he shouted,  “I am doing research”.  “On what”, I asked, “On Crow” he said matter of factly. A kid’s grandma was witnessing this drama and was amused at what my four year son was saying, so she asked which school my son attends. It was an uncomfortable question because I do not want to disclose homeschooling thing, I have got a range of negative reactions from people when they hear it, like utter disbelief, confusion, pity and so on. But I did not want to lie either so I said I homeschool him, and that obviously confused her she asked me what I meant by that, and “what about The certificate?” she said, with an expression on her face as if my son was practicing medicine without a medical degree. The certificate thing was something new to me, I did not know that kids get a certificate for preschooling. Any way she was not convinced that my son could ever get admission in any school in future or even in Standard 1 because he was not attending preschool. We are definitely a certificate and exam obsessed society :), certificates are of value no doubt but we forget that they are not a guarantee for skill, mental prowess or any valuable contribution to society, and at the most have we not seen enough paper tigers in the world already who just hold certificates and do no work which could actually be said of some value to world.

Anyway coming back to certificate for preschooling, I am not sweating over it. And I believe that even without a preschool certificate life will turn out just fine for kids, even better I suppose.


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