I have been homeschooling  more aptly unschooling my 4 year old for 3 months now, and I am happy with how things have been so far. I do not follow any specific timetable though that may be the right thing to do, but I make sure I do some things religiously like-

  1. Going to park with him.
  2. Working on our alphabets, numbers and phonetics every other day for a max of 15 minutes.
  3. Reading story books – sometimes ….. well once in a blue moon:)
  4. Bedtime stories- I make up these stories everyday based on things that have happened with us during the day, it begins with a dog pingi and what is going on in his everyday life, I even repeat how pingi looks like everytime I start the story – A big white dog with black spots. Every story I tell ends with a moral lesson told subtly, infact pingi behaves like my son and in the story meets with the good and bad results based on his actions.
  5. The morning rituals of oil massage, bathing and brushing teeth are done mostly on time and not skipped at all.

These are the only things we do right now, and the only means of entertainment and learning for us,no fancy classrooms, teaching aids and complicated lessons. Things have been on track on personality development or behavioral development front. He is the first one to walk up to people to initiate a conversation, he is as comfortable talking to an old lady as he is to a small baby, and of course he loves playing with kids his age making up new games everyday in the park. We also have a basket full of blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors, collected over years, and they are the only toys he plays with when he is not in park and not watching television. And I am amazed at his ability to create objects from them  like – helicopter, dinosaurs, birds, spaceship, towers …list is endless. His helicopter models actually have blades on top just like on a real one and he has started making helipads too for landing them, his dinosaur would be bulky and have a tail and a big mouth and all this he creates with blocks.  He is also the kid with most questions in the park and he asks his questions to other kids moms 🙂

So far things are on track and we are not scared that he is missing out on school. We are not even pulling out our hair thinking of ways to teach him or spending money on expensive education tools, so far we have bought only a blackboard with chalk and duster, and a drawing book with crayons.


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