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Beginning this month I have added one more activity to our day , morning walk with my son, we go around 9:30 am, when my hubby is off to work and the sun is already out in full glory. The streets are mostly empty except for a few morning walkers and people hurrying off to work, we go around the blocks, at a leisurely pace, because I want my son to observe and enjoy things, I try to answer his questions like where are the cars going? why is the shop shut in the morning? Why is the kid crying to go to school? they are endless but this is really the time I answer them in the best possible way because I am fresh and in a really good mood.

We spend some time in the park too, for a water break and some sun soaking, I sit on the bench while my son runs around shooing off pigeons. Today I told him how pigeons build their nest to lay eggs, this unplanned lesson started off when we saw a pigeon breaking off grass twigs and flying off to the balcony, it would come back again and do the same activity, my son got curious and he asked questions like why is the pigeon picking up grass and sticks? what will it do with it? when I told him it wants to build a nest to lay eggs, he was surprised , his next question was, who gives it the eggs? I told him “God”, ” God gives the eggs to pigeon” but he was not very satisfied with my answer for he had a puzzled expression on his face, I am sure he might be thinking why we have to buy eggs while pigeons get their’s from God 🙂

Starting morning walks has solved some problems like, getting my son out of the bed, getting him his daily dose of exercise and vitamin D and having a one to one conversation with him without distractions.