Alphabets and drawings 3

Most kids start school by 2.5 years of age, and by three they are memorising stuff like days of the week, colors, shapes etc. Because my son stays at home, I was supposed to teach him( make him memorise a lot of things), but I never did, I guessed he would be able to figure out these things himself. So I never actively taught him about colors, shapes, days of week and other such stuff.

He is four and half now and he knows days of week, can recognise majority of colors and knows about most of the shapes. He has figured out this stuff himself by asking questions, observing and little bit of help from our side.

Not making him memorise things has worked out well, he knows as much about things around him as his peers and ventures by his own free will into areas which school kids don’t because it is not covered in class lesson plans. Like he wants to  know all about electricity and solar power:),Iguanas and dinosaurs and other stuff, which would not be covered in preschool classes.

He has no hesitation asking adults all the questions that he wants to know the answers of,which I have noticed school going kids do not do, for some reason, they cannot speak up and ask questions to people they are not familiar with.

My son because he is free, learns by asking questions about the widest variety of things possible. Like he was asking a waiter at the restaurant “What were those leaves inside the flask of water?” and when he got the answer that they were mint leaves, he wanted to know why the leaves were kept inside the flask?

I hope he carries on this curiosity and habit of asking questions – the first and most important thing that the kids should learn because therein lies the key to all learning.