Looking back at my life, I wish, I had opportunities to learn skills which would make my soul dance. Instead I spent a major portion of my schooling in subjects which had very little relation to my personal and professional life.

My first job was as an officer in army, and when I look back at the requirements of the job, it had really nothing to do with ability to understand complex mathematics and higher level physics, the subjects of my graduation.To sum up the only requirement of job was highschool level knowledge of subjects but truckloads of emotional intelligence – Integrity , getting along with people, and understanding human nature.

My second job as a recruitment manager in a retail company again, had little to do with management theories that I learnt in a management course, it was a simple job which could easily be picked up by anyone, but again the success requirements of job were managing people and their expectations, really that is all that was required.

My third job was basically for my own startup – a recruitment firm, and again I must say the only skills required were – ability to work hard and connect with people.

When I look at my career, clearly I would have benefited more from taking up professional courses after high school than wasting three years in graduation studying subjects which bored me to death and which would have no relevance to my future jobs.

So I guess schooling was overhyped for me, most of us keep studying not for the love of it but for jobs. At one time in middle class India science subjects were the ticket to a good job, so most of us ended up studying complex physics, mathematics etc even when they killed us. Infact jobs requiring this high level knowledge in science are very miniscule and most of us end up in retail or other jobs which could be done by high schoolers.

So I guess rather than go to a structured learning facility like a school, we should be able to pick up our subjects and areas of interest early on and then go after the professions and careers which are based on these subjects with a focus which saves our time and money. In essence we should be able to take tailor made classes for the subjects that interest us ..rather than attending mass classes like it is done in schools.