free play structures 2

Free play is what 90% of learning is for my son.

As I have mentioned it many times , the toys he likes most are blocks , because he can make many things with them and they are the cheapest toys we have bought for him. When I think of toys which would boost his imagination and build up his vocabulary, blocks and free joining structures are in number one position.

Today he made Jurassic park with a T rex captured inside one of the structures he made – for scientists to do research.( this is how he explained the structure to me).

I also feel that more than anything kids like us to play with them, and how quickly it lifts us out of our bad moods.

free play balloons 1


This weekend the focus of our play was the orange balloons, we took turns passing them between us. A good way to get us and him moving and there was so much of laughter and fun.