Homeschooling for us means – relaxed parenting and having fun while raising our son. Enjoying and doing things we would not normally do, like hanging upside down from a tree:)

hanging upside down.jpg

I and my husband never bother to find out what other kids are up to in school? what afterschool activities they are doing? what is the latest gadget or educational toy in their possession? etc. We are oblivious to what others are doing in the parenting department, we just stick to what seems good to us and what we can manage and afford.

Homeschooling sometimes seems a big word to use for keeping my 4 and half year old son at home, because we are really not schooling him in anything. We just show him things, have conversation with him, and try to explain things he is interested in, so far we have not forced anything remotely associated with traditional learning except lazily teaching him some numbers and alphabets. He has not been forced to learn and recite rhymes, any rhymes that he sings, are ones he has picked up himself from youtube. Major part of his day involves free play with his toys, he likes building structures with blocks and doing imaginative play, he really does not want any inputs from us regarding what he should be making and what he should be playing, and is naturally creative when it comes to playing all by himself.

But yes we have bought him some interesting books, purely based on his interest- like the big book of dinosaurs from national geographic, and the book on farm animals and vehicles, simply because he is interested in these. I have also bought a couple of books from amazon especially books by Dr.Seuss like – one fish two fish , cat in the hat , and apples up on top. We though use them only when he is in the mood to have a book read out to him and not because we want to make him sit and listen to us reading a book to him.

So Homeschooling for preschool kids is really fun and simple, we should just do our bit and relax, kids are sharper than we think , they have ability to figure out things on their own. Some books, some blocks, some colors and pencils,  blank papers, scissors and glue and we are all set for homeschooling.