walking ...father son

I feel there is no point hiding things from kids, even ugly things like sickness, disease and death.  I believe life is a learning, and we stop the learning process if we stop kids from seeing and feeling things which are a part and parcel of being born and alive. I have been sick for a week , and tomorrow probably I would have to get admitted in the hospital, for some ailment that doctors have yet to figure out. I have been in severe pain, and I have cried a lot and screamed a lot, but I have not tried to hide it from my son nor have I requested my relatives to take him away, so that he does not see me going through hell.

He has been with me to hospital, to the blood lab, to doctor’s chambers and I feel he is taking it well. Today he saw my  blood being drawn for the tests and he stood there watching, and I hope learning ….something,forming his own real impressions of life.

I believe not sharing things with kids and not communicating effectively are missed opportunities for learning and preparation for real life, in short the more parents share with kids- the better equipped they are to face life. If we have money troubles we should discuss not only that with kids, but how we plan to come out of them. If we are sick we should not only let them see what sickness does, but also how we take care of the sick and nurture them back to health.

In short this is what the real education is – to witness life in all its forms – good, bad, ugly….. and to have an ability to face it and arrive at best possible solutions.