I choose buying books over toys, because toys are at most one day or even one hour wonder, then they are dumped in the basket almost never to be retrieved again, but with books there is something new to be learned every time we open them, for example with the book “Ten apples up on top” my son learned counting things, because he had the opportunity to count apples again and again in each page, initially though he was just interested in the characters lion, tiger, dog and the bear but over time he started getting the finer elements of the story. I am sure next time we open it again, he will learn something new.We have used books in many ways, they are just like building blocks -versatile.

We have more dinosaur books in our house because he is obsessed with dinosaurs at present – he has got two big books on dinosaurs.

We use these books for reading  drawing pictures etc…

I draw the pictures of dinosaurs from these books on his drawing book and he colors them.

We are also learning alphabet recognition and counting using these two books.

My son like all kids his age cannot sit still, obviously the methods used in traditional teaching don’t work for him.It is for this reason that I do not buy or open many books teaching numbers and reading, instead I allow him to choose the books he is interested in, which means spending a great deal of time in the book shop.

That is why we have bought dinosaur books for him rather than usual ABC ‘s and number’s books. The best part of letting him buy the book of his choice is that we do not have to request him to open the book , he is always ready to go through the book on his own.

How he learnt to recognize alphabets from dinosaur books? 

The trick was to ask him to read alphabets in each dinosaur’s name if he wanted to know about it, and correct him when he was wrong, so the next time he read it, he read it right. It also helped that the names of dinosaurs are long and complex, so we covered almost all the alphabets and by the time we were finished with the book he was patiently reading all the alphabets with a lot of concentration.

Another thing I do is ask him to count the number of baby dinosaurs, eggs or dragon flies in a particular picture- and it becomes an interesting counting exercise as well.

He will do anything when it comes to Dino’s.