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When I bought a water color and drawing book set for my son, I never thought I would be tempted to paint myself. Never having indulged in drawing or painting my entire life except for some forgettable art classes in my junior school years, I was skeptical about my inner desire to draw.

But seeing all those colors and brushes I could not resist myself, for once I thought, I would just paint for my inner happiness and care less about judgement of others on my artwork nor would I aim to create a masterpiece even for myself infact it would be and should be an aimless but satisfying activity.

I just wanted to find peace and joy in the play of colors on the paper and discover new things that happened when I mixed different colors, used different dilutions or different brushes, it was all very fascinating and addictive in the end ……. I do want to continue painting and drawing.

Infact painting became a stress busting exercise at home. My husband returned from a tiring day at work and indulged in some doodling himself. My kid smeared colors all across the page and made an abstract painting.

Art indeed touches the soul, and lets us find precious moments of peace and happiness in this stressful at times dull world.

Yes everyone can draw….and every creation is a masterpiece in itself.

I am quoting here a piece of conversation that I caught happening between my husband and my son.

My son: Why are you painting mountains green? please use white color!!

Husband: Mountains are blue or green? I cannot use white color.

Me: ( to hubby) Who says mountains are blue or green only? have you not seen snow clad white mountains?

Me: ( to son) Yes, you can paint mountains white.

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