yoga pose - tejas

Going back to my own school and college days, I remember never having to ponder over questions like ” What do I want from life?” , “How can I be a better human being”, ” What kind of work will make me truly happy?”…..

My parents were not very educated, it was difficult for them to provide even a peaceful environment at home so religion and spirituality were topics which were never discussed nor practiced,  I turned out to be atheist myself and grew without a strong foundation of values and spiritual education.

Now I wish I had been a spiritual person all through my life. Because having a strong spiritual foundation does make life meaningful and I must admit simple and easy. When we have strong foundation of values which we get from reading our religious/philosophical texts and spending time in such an environment, we do not succumb to peer pressure and we do not choose wrong and easy paths to success.

I have been going to ISCKON and reading up on spirituality for last few years and there have been profound changes in the way I live my life and see things ( perspective has changed).

I want my son to have a good foundation of values, and have spiritual and religious education early on in life, so we are starting with – taking him along to temples, talking to him about values in simple language, he also tries to meditate and knows about yoga and can do basic yoga poses.

He is kind, the other day we were at park , we had a conversation:

My son: Mumma , I should have stopped him from killing the earth worm.

(he said in agony, that was visible so much in his face and voice)

I : Yes you should have, but it is not your fault, bhaiya ( all boys older to my son are called bhaiya or brother) is big enough to know that he is doing a wrong thing. 

My son: But you are big too mumma, you should have walked faster to come to the spot and stopped him.

So sometimes conversations like these happen which are difficult but which give us a glimpse into the nature of our kids. My kid thankfully is a kind person and he can tell right from wrong.