paper airplane

Some days are just off days when you cannot get your kid to practice things that you think would interest him and take him a step closer to acquiring reading and writing skills.

But instead of thinking that the day is wasted, it is better to enjoy with the kid, after all there is learning in everything we do with kids.

Yesterday my kid refused to do any desk bound things, so we made paper airplanes, cups and boats and played make believe games like role playing an icecream vendor and a shopkeeper.

We had loads of fun trying to compete by flying our paper airplanes- whose lands the farthest and whose goes the highest wins.

Let’s see what he picked up from our game of icecream vendor and the customer – When I became an icecream vendor and he the customer, he asked me if a particular flavor of icecream like orange cream was available and when I said yes, he asked me the price. Once he knew the price he tried paying me, sometimes saying that he did not had the requisite amount, then I tried negotiating with him, saying he could settle for a smaller size of icecream… was an impromptu game that he himself came up with and it was educational and fun.

(what is there to teach the kids they already know a lot about how they can learn)