b for ball

I think we all can teach our kids, it does not require extraordinary intelligence and skills. But what it does require is our positive mindset towards kids –  that they will learn when they are ready to learn, we just have to give a little support.

How did my son learn capital and small letter recognition? 

  • picture books
  • showing him letters when we go outside….like a car’s number plate, signage etc
  • flash cards
  • Encouraging him to read letters in his favorite book
  • Allowed him all the time in the world to read and write alphabets- just made the resources available.

when I look back at old pics, I realize now he writes with pencil but long back he was writing with chalk on black board and made pretty big letters and he could write only few letters at that time, even now he can write only few letters, but we are allowing him learn at his own pace. We just make a suggestion and encourage him to try writing this or that and if he does not, we leave it at that.

Now our son can read all alphabets- both big and small. And is slowly moving towards reading words.

I have not asked him to memorize ABC song and it is fine. It turned out it was not necessary, he is reading his alphabets perfectly well….and in time will understand the meaning of complete song and will recite it too, but right now I guess it is not making any sense for him.

Readiness to learn is an important thing for homeschooling parents to grasp – Kids must be allowed freedom, and forcing them to learn at an early age would impact them adversely, they can lose confidence and become disinterested in learning.

Our aim should be to provide support and resources in such a manner that the kid feels a sense of achievement and pride in learning. Learning should not become a pain and reason for frustration and low self esteem at any point.