Being a frugal homeschooling mom, I rarely buy expensive plastic toys but watching my son play so intently with blocks for some months now, I decided to buy another set of blocks for him.

Blocks are all packed in attractive colorful boxes, so it is difficult to decide which blocks will be best utilized – we cannot fathom the size and creativity fostering capability of contents inside the box. I had to randomly pick, so I picked one that I thought had blocks which looked different from the one he is currently using.

However opening the box made us realize we have been fooled by the company. The contents were dull, uninspiring and garish the only shapes were few flowers, lots of small tubes and some long tubular pipe like things. Also the size of the box was huge compared to the actual volume of contents inside – may be another marketing gimmick to fool the customer.

What could you possibly make with these blocks? there is little imagination required to join them to one another and they do not offer much to keep the kid engaged. There are at best three different things, that could be made with them which defeats the entire purpose of buying free joining blocks.

After trying various combinations for some minutes my son finally resorted to spinning the flower shaped structures on the floor. That is the only use we can make of them perhaps.

Coming to pricing – the pricing is insane, we paid Rs 699/- for the box of plastic tubes.