Study table and chair

Before my son turned 4 I did not have any dedicated space for doing our homeschooling.  We just sat on the floor or on the bed, but I did feel the need for a dedicated learning space to keep things organised and within reach.

I bought a study chair and table set, and organised his books and other stuff on a bookshelf on the side.  A chair and study table set appropriate for the height of kids is a very good investment to enable the kids to maintain proper body posture and facilitates tasks which involve writing, painting, drawing etc.

We also made the learning space fun and bright by displaying the paintings he made on the wall in front of his study desk.

His paintbrushes, pencils, erasers and other stuff are always topped up and kept within his reach on a book shelf on the side, so he can independently use them whenever he wants.

When you create space for something, that something gets importance in our life and soon we can see investing our time, energy and passion in it.