spider book

I love my recent buy for my son – A board book , ” The very busy spider” By Eric Carle.

There is a good learning tip from one homeschool mom that I follow , of reading the favorite books again and again , so I have read the spider book to my son umpteen number of times and because the book is so good we have still not got bored of it.

The benefit of repetitive reading of favorite books is to make the kid understand what is being read out to him or her, and also to help internalise and understand new words.

Also it is important to ask questions in between the readings so that the kids develop their thinking prowess.

The very busy spider has-

  1. Very beautiful pictures which can be felt with hand.
  2. Clean and simple story line.
  3. Words and sentences are repeated again and again to help kid understand and internalize new words.

It is a beautiful board book and I cannot wait to buy more from the same author.