kids pic

We all complain about how selfish and self centered we have become, we live next door but hardly know each other and I must add we are passing this legacy to next generation.

Kids by themselves just want to have fun in playground but as they grow older they develop traits about including some and excluding others. I don’t know if it is the basic human nature, or they just follow what they see but what I do know is that it is rude.

I have seen this habit of excluding other kids from play more prominent in kids whose parents behave in the same manner, who stick to their particular groups avoiding other people just because they do not conform to their group identity, and their group identity can be based on such frivolous things as financial status, looks, age and sense of dressing.

I am not commenting about the strength of ties here, because people who forge friendships based on financial status, looks etc could hardly be capable of forming strong friendly ties, or would hardly go out of their way to help their so called friends if they indeed need help.

What I am concerned about is the basic decency and duty of the parent to intervene if their kid is being mean, and if they don’t, it is not the kid who is being mean, it is the parents who are being mean. Adults who have lost the kindness and the ability to feel for kids other than their own, have actually lost their human nature and we cannot expect anything from these people. It is better to leave them to their ways, and see them for what they are – inhuman.

And considering kids learn what they see ( at home) rather than what we teach them, it is safe to assume where the kids pick up the mean streak from.

Don’t let kids get away with mean behavior, if you do, it just means that you are endorsing it and making world a worse place to live in.