We have been working on few three letter words but it seems he is not yet ready so we just have to wait and try again to see his readiness.

Meanwhile we are doing letter writing and numbers writing activity, reading story books and having lot of conversations.

Having conversations is the most important activity we can do with kids, there is in fact nothing which interests my son more than chatting with someone willing to listen and participate in it. Sometimes he asks me questions like”Do mosquitoes bite bees too?” “Why are the ants so small, is it because they don’t eat healthy food?” and I know where the second question came from, I have been telling him that eating healthy food will help him grow big and strong.

He has great insight on human behavior too, whenever he wants something from me he uses statements like “I don’t think you would be able to buy Oreo biscuits for me, Do you think you can? then show me that you can”, it is the trick that is used by adults to make someone do something that they otherwise wont and it amuses me that at such a young age he has learnt these emotional techniques to get what he wants.

Reading story books is another regular activity and it has so many benefits – helps immensely in learning language, English is not our first language and we have only recently started conversing with him in English but reading story books has helped build his vocabulary and other language skills.

bad tempered lady bird

There is a sentence in “The bad tempered ladybird” – fireflies were dancing around the moon. I was surprised when he used the exact same sentence except replaced the word fireflies with insects when he looked up at a bright street light. He said “insects are dancing around the light”.

We have also completed some art and craft projects and some other activities past few days. In a nut shell engaging kids in learning activities is not a difficult task, it just needs about thirty minutes of planning beforehand at the most.

We had lot of A4 size blank papers, he learned to use a ruler to draw the tables on these papers and then we made use of these tables to color, write numbers, and draw flowers.

These days the best day for him is the day he goes for his skating class, because he gets to compete and also meet the friends he has made. After skating class he plays for an hour more in the park, and I can tell he is too tired but he will still not want to go home.

That is all in a day’s work for us.