Homeschooling on top of regular housework can get extremely tiring at times. I feel the fatigue setting in at the end of the day, and it need not be necessarily due to the work load but due to many other reasons- state of my health, psychological and emotional issues, food intake etc .

How I have been dealing with it?

Reaching for an extra cup of tea ( black tea), munching aimlessly through out the day especially on junk food, it is no brainer that my way of dealing has compounded the problem of fatigue instead of mitigating it.

Solutions which have worked for me in the past  and might work again –

I have started on drinking warm fennel tea off and on but I should do it more regularly, it is soothing and cleans my digestive system and believe me, gut health has a direct correlation with our mental and emotional state – no wonder so many people are suffering from IBS because of the stress in our daily lives.

I am going off tea ( regular black tea) for a month at least, to help heal my frayed nerves. I know it is going to be a lot difficult to stick to this one because when I am tired I crave so much for the caffeine fix. But since my black tea has been making matters worse for me there is no option but to strike it off the list.

What else? I am thinking of making yoga – an early morning everyday practice, off late I have been doing it only twice or thrice a week sometimes even less. Getting it out of the way early in the morning might soothe my frayed nerves and make my outlook more positive.

Getting a regular dose of sunshine for at least 15 minutes in my balcony. Vitamin D is a happiness vitamin, and since we don’t go out in the sun any more, we suffer from it’s deficiency and the resultant side effects like depression , mood swings etc.

Taking deep breathes and visualizing myself in a soothing , peaceful and spiritual environment, whenever I see dark heavy clouds coming over me.


And finally trying to live in the present, having faith in God, and taking one day at a time and making the most of it.