It is a bad idea to ask  my son to sit and study as I have mentioned many times before.

We have never concentrated on sitting down and studying, instead we have conversation and in the midst of conversation we start drawing and writing and painting.

This week I asked my son if he was interested in writing his name “Can I show you how to write your name?”

“Yes, I want to, show me how to write it”,he said, beaming with excitement.

I wrote his name on white sheet of paper and asked him to copy it, and he actually got it right after trying a few times. Now he can expertly write his name on his own and it is a big milestone that we have reached in terms of reading and writing skills.

highlights of the week writing name

I then used the same method, only this time, I asked him if he was interested in drawing a bat, because we were having a conversation about bats and he gave me the same answer and with same excitement “Yes, I want to, please show me how to draw a bat”.

We both drew a bat and then I told him that it is important to write the name of what we have drawn below the picture. I wrote bat, spelled it and read it to him and he did the same. Now he can confidently write bat and I can say , he can draw a rudimentary bat too.

highlights of the week writing bat