Past few days have been very turbulent, one of those episodes in life when you feel like you are drowning and you are trying your best to keep afloat.

On one such dark day , we went out to the park (me and my son) just to soak in the sun. We sat under a large tree on a high green bench and looked at the leaves and pale yellow stalks falling down as the wind shook up the tree. The park was empty except for one kid and her mother who were practicing in the tennis court.

The sun was strong but there was a cool breeze blowing which seemed to soften the harshness of the afternoon sun.We engaged ourselves in picking stalks from the ground and played with them for a while – making a bunch, counting them, sword fighting and then carried them home.

At home we wanted to make something with the stalks, and raft is the first thing that came to my mind because it can easily be put together. When I think about it deeply I realize that may be it is my subconscious mind telling me to make a raft for myself.

A little thread, a bunch of stalks, some creativity and a sprinkling of excitement from my son and our raft is ready.