We ticked some of the boxes for learning about nature….we went to countryside for a short vacation.

My son saw fireflies in the night when we were on the terrace of our house,  he listened to crickets singing in the quiet night and remarked “crickets start singing in the night”.

He saw the cow, who supplied his daily glass of milk , a large black cow, he went ahead and fed it some stalks of large grass growing in the farm. He also saw a river and waded into it, felt the cold water, and the rounded stones below his feet. Then along with us he went for a bike ride on the road along the forest, saw big magnificent trees, small rivulets coming from the forest and flowing over the road in some places.

We also had fun running on stairs leading to a temple situated on hill top. We rang the temple bells and admired the view from there – a meandering river below, majestic hills closing in on all sides and the sleepy town on on side.


We also got down to some serious farming work in the garden – digging up and planting basil shrubs, picking ripened lemons, and gooseberries from the garden. Watching snails and trying to get rid of them by sprinkling salt. Saw some green spiders ( camouflaging) on mango trees, they make interesting web design – they hide on one leaf which they cover with thick layers of web, while the rest of the web is thin strands spreading over the adjoining leaves,the vibration of the strands informs the spider of a insect getting stuck ,and it shoots out from under its thick blanket of web to pounce on it’s prey. I wonder if we borrowed from this little spider, the technique of securing our defenses and launching offences in warfare, it’s system seems very similar to what we use in military.

My take on city living:

Living in a city for a long time, I suspect brings on mental sickness:). I feel the need to get away from digital media and from fake connections to escape into the world which seems to instill real life in me.

There is also a feeling of freedom in countryside, there is a lot of pleasant things to focus our attention on, unlike living in cities and apartments, where I feel cooped up and like a prisoner sometime.

The rough and tumble of living in a countryside is therapeutic, open spaces, less people but more connection, freedom of climbing on to trees, wading into rivers and interacting with the real world is missing from our life in city.

And I feel all these missing real life elements have an impact on kids. I feel it leads to losing touch with humanity, a certain innocence associated with childhood is lost and replaced with selfishness and shrewd behavior at an early age. I wonder what kind of life our kids are having when everything they do is geared towards achieving future happiness and success. Are we asking them to lose touch with their present, to sacrifice present happiness for future goals and achievements?