I have googled this many time- What is my kid supposed to know at his age? homeschooling moms might do it more than moms whose kids attend school.

I have realized one thing though googling this question does not give satisfactory answers. It is seriously a waste of time on internet – answers are always vague because kids learn at different rates.

When we are too much worried about this question, we might lean towards disciplining the kids too much and we might lose sight of important things like :

1.Learning has to be fun

2.Building strong  fundamentals- learn at slow pace allowing kid to grasp the concept.

3.Accepting learning happens at different rates for kids and slow learning does not equate with failure in life.

4. Making room for flexibility – change the lessons for the day if the kid is not up to it, paint instead of reading/writing or go out and play.

5. Teach in subtle manner -like playing customer game with my son, gives him an insight into addition and subtraction.

It is important not to get frustrated when we are homeschooling and not to get overly strict…..always keep in mind that though discipline is necessary it is more important to have flexibility and creativity in our homeschooling life.