Teen murti blog post

I remember history and civics classes during my high school years, there was more text in the book than pictures and we got marks based on our ability to write the exact content of textbooks in response to questions in exams. I also did not retain anything I had read after the exam was over, and I guess that is the case with most kids:).

The best way to know about the history of our nation, is to visit historical places- see them, feel them, take pictures, ask questions, and we will know a lot more than we ever would from just studying books.

Rote memorization of facts and figures is stupidity these days, when we can get all the information we want from web and quote the source. 

No textbook reading and memorization can enhance knowledge, skill and creativity as practical live workshops and visit to diverse places.

The pic in this blog, is of a photograph taken at teen murti bhavan- the written note tells about the history of the Nehru Gandhi family.