My son likes drawing and painting, and I have found that we can incorporate reading and writing in it. He expresses his interest in drawing something and then we both get to the task, I draw first so he can copy and produce his own drawing, he has to finish it off by writing the name of the object he has drawn and also any sounds associated with the object.  It is our rule to always write the name of the things we have drawn.

Sometimes I have to pique his interest by holding a conversation with him.

“You know an owl perches on a tree, quietly waiting for a rat or a squirrel to show up, which it then swiftly grasps with its claws and takes far away to feed upon. It has large eyes which help it to see in the dark , also it’s ears are very sharp which again help it in hunting it’s prey” – he is always interested in conversations like these and ends up asking a lot of questions and giving his inputs.

“When an owl looks at moon it makes the sound hoot hoot and it says to the spider in the night –oh, what a beautiful web” , he said with a very expressive face which made me laugh and marvel at the way he picks up things and makes connections-he made this statement because he had read about owl and spider in the book a very busy spider by Eric Carle.

We then proceed to draw and paint an OWL and a MOON.

We not only wrote “Owl” and “Moon” but “Hoot, Hoot” too.

Then we discussed how the letter “O” is present in both the words, OWL and MOON, but how it sounds differently in both the words.

Like “O” as in OWL, OX and OSTRICH


It is interesting to learn this way.

For us it works……


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