It’s time to hire good teachers and build efficient schools, which put kids and their freedom of exploration before ritualistic learning.

Other day I watched kids play a game of  teacher teacher and at one point the eldest girl, a ten year old, starts singing national anthem , all kids stand in attention, while my 5 year old prances around, he is the only homeschooled kid in the group, seeing him moving, the mother of one kid remarked, “see I told you to send him to school, look at my 4 year old he is standing in attention and with such a serious expression on his face…”.I was passed the judgement again in a second.

I kept quiet but I wanted to ask her if her kid really knew what country means? And the meaning of those words in national anthem? Or the reason we are asked to stand in attention when national anthem plays? or is it just the drill that the kid has learnt well without question in two years of his schooling, because he went to school at a tender age of two.

I would rather want my son not to be drilled, I value freedom and happiness more than anything else and in course of time when he is ready to understand the concept of country and national anthem he will choose to do the right thing. 

Most schools snatch our freedom, turn us in to followers, who are unable to comprehend the world and are ready to accept what others think is the right thing.

I could keep babbling here but it is pointless to argue with people on these issues or any issue for that matter, we will always act from our level of intellect ….which also decides how open we are to being different.