How long?

How big?

What time?

and what day it is?……

I like asking these questions and I hope one day he will surprise me with his knowledge and eye for details.

learning most of the times does not require a classroom and books, just observation and questions teach a lot more than confinement to four walls.

Best learning happened on our visit to countryside, growing veggies, meeting new people, new way of life, wading into rivers, sitting silently in the open fields, watching nature, soaking in the winter sun and having very meaningful conversations.

I do not consider learning to be hugely important, I have realised what is more important is to steal some beautiful moments from life….. moments so pure that they get permanently etched in our memories and we can go to them to escape the madness of life, when everything seems senseless and we do not find peace or happiness in anything.

Such moments were created in our last six months of wandering aimlessly in countryside, like looking at that orangish crab sitting under the rock in the river,walking on river bed and picking smooth round stones,watching bees hovering over mustard, a wild fern growing on the side of the rock and looking absolutely beautiful….these are gems in the river of life.