I have never tried to divide our homeschooling into curriculum and classes, and I am not saying it is the right way to do things but it suits me and my home.

Without curriculum, we are free to do a lot of things, and not have definite straight jacketed goals towards attaining skills, we never push things, and as I have said before, if my kid resists even after two or three efforts to do a particular thing, we leave it and do something else, of course we return back to it later. And we are not even lagging in the so called academic skills, my son has started on – reading books, doing maths and as a 5 year old can do addition and substraction of single digit numbers without using paper, with two digits he still has to use paper and pencil though.

Not pushing kids into doing things a certain way gives a big boost to their imagination, take for example, our art session yesterday, I sketched and filled my drawing page with chicks, stick figures, Popsicle etc, he came to look what I was doing, wearing binoculars around his neck, he glanced and wanted rush back, obviously not interested. But when I pressed him to draw something, he just turned over the page, and started filling a blank one with dots, lot of dots scattered all over the page, then he joined them meticulously ….and this is what it looked like, compared to mine on the left side.

Instead of reprimanding him for that I encouraged what he was doing and showed respect for his work, instead of dismissing him and his work thinking that it is a waste because it makes no sense I said, “Wow, can you teach me how to do that?”, with urgency and genuineness in my voice. ” Yes, but you will have to put in a lot of effort”, he said with a big smile on his face and twinkling eyes , after a pause he added, “and buy me a toy”.

This is what we ended up doing:

tejas art work compared to mine

and I realized while I was drawing cats and dogs, he had sketched something, which was abstract.

I was of course conversing with him while he was doing it, I said “I know what you are drawing, it is a hill, and I have been to this hill, there is a temple on top, and I had to put in a lot of effort to climb up the hill to the temple, of course you can go by a car too, but through a different route, and park on this space here, I pointed to a space on his sketch”. And he agreed with me, he had a smile on his face and agreed that he had indeed sketched what I was saying it was.