It is the peak of summers, days are long and hot and it has become impossible to fill up every waking hour of my son. He says quite often that he is getting “bored” and as a homeschooling mom I used to dread that word, because schools are synonymous with activities and many people have asked me, “Doesn’t your kid gets bored at home?”

We have been conditioned to think that any activity no matter how useless, is better than doing nothing. But when I thought deeply about this whole busy and bore business, I realized that boredom is far better than doing something that we don’t want to do or doing something mindlessly.

In fact if we get used to getting bored we will not spend so much of money on getting entertained :). We will not lap up any useless stimulus that is thrown our way in the name of killing boredom, and for taking our mind away from things that bother us.

Allowing ourselves to get bored can be a wonderful opportunity to train our minds, because only when we have nothing to do, we become aware of our thoughts, our fears, dreams and desires. And then we can have an insight into what would be the best course of action for us? how should we behave? etc.

Should we allow the kids to get bored? for me the answer is yes, if they are allowed to get bored, they will at least relax and day dream, they will invent their own activities to keep them busy and they will focus better on studies.

Rushing kids from one activity to another, is sheer waste of time, plus it stresses and disengages kids. Allowing frequent periods of inactivity charges their batteries, and makes them more focused and receptive.