I will never miss Cafe coffee day and Starbucks if I have this hot cup of green mint tea everyday whenever I crave for some hot relaxing beverage, nobody told me it is this relaxing…….a trip to a spa in an instant.

mint leaf tea

I planted a teeny weeny sprig of mint last winters and went away to live in the city and now that I am back to this place, it is the peak of summers and that teeny weeny sprig has growing and spreading everywhere and I do like it because of the amount of leaves I need for my tea everyday these days.


This summers is special for one more reason and that is Mangoes. We just got here in time to see mangoes ripening in the trees but the parrots are creating such a riot, and going through ripe ones so fast that we can hardly lay our hands on them.

harvesting mangoes

That is why we decided to pluck all the semi ripe mangoes from the trees, and filled up a basket with them, which would later be covered tightly with the blanket to allow mangoes to ripen, in three to four days.

These Mangoes are special too, because trees were neither sprayed with chemicals, nor any chemical was used to ripen them, so we can safely call them organic.

We love to spend some time in the village every year because life slows down here, and we get to rewind and relax, it is other thing that we crave to go to city after a few months here, but I guess it is like having the best of both the world’s, and we can have it till the time we are homeschooling.