Making puppets is not as easy-peasy as it looks in you tube videos. I can say this as I struggled to make my very first puppet, after watching a couple of videos.

What matters the most is supplies, you should have all the supplies and enough of them to allow you to make mistakes, and start from scratch, again and again if required.

However,I had limited supplies, I made do with the stuff I already had at home. So the end product did not turn out as interesting as I would have wanted it to be.

But the important thing as always is…..that I tried.

Anyway the first attempt at anything should be treated like a rough draft and my puppet was the same, a rough draft of puppets that I am planning to make in future.

But the fun was real, My son named the puppet Mr. Jack, and we had some interesting conversations with him.

My son wore the puppet on his hand, so it was my turn to have conversation with Mr. Jack.

Me: “Hello, what is your name?”

Mr. Jack: “My name is Mr. Jack”

Me: “What do you do for living Mr. Jack?”

Mr. Jack: “I am a singer”

Me: “Wow, a singer!!, can you please sing something for me?”

Mr. Jack: “A B C D E F G……the alphabet song”

Me: “It was really nice, Mr. Jack”

Me: “Do you know how to cook, Mr. Jack”

Mr. Jack: “yes I do, I have a cook book”

Me: “Can you please lend it to me? Mr. Jack”

Mr. Jack: “No, because you can’t read”

Me: “I can read Mr. Jack, I will put it in a hook, and read it”

Mr. Jack: “I do not want it to be a hook cook book”

Me: “I am not like Nook, I can read”

Mr. Jack: “Ok then I will give you the book, but do not put it in a hook”

You must have made out by now that we have been reading Dr. Seuss’s – One fish, two fish, blue fish, red fish – an awful lot of times.