I arrange books by the level of their difficulty, our first books were very very simple – two, three or four letter words, big pictures and small sentences. Gradually we have moved on to books with slightly more difficult words and sentences. I love Dr. Seuss books the most because of their scientific approach to how kids read and they have books divided accordingly – blue back books, green back books and yellow back books. Currently we are reading green back books  (my kid is 5.6 years old).

One more thing that I do is read the book myself two or three times before presenting it to the kid, keeping in mind the new words that he would encounter and the questions I could ask him related to the text to enhance his understanding.

One technique that I use these days….. is to write down new words that he would encounter in the book in a big plain sheet of paper for my son to practice reading and understanding them first before starting on the book. This way when I finally offer the book to the kid he reads it fluently and understands it better.

We do repetitive readings of the book to make sure we understand the essence of it and also can pronounce and understand every word and sentence.

We  practice writing skills too, it is simple – I write a small sentence on the top of the page and he practices writing by copying it down on the blank lines below.

We practice reading and writing almost everyday….. and I am sure shortly my kid will be on his own, curled up in a corner of his study immersed in his favorite books.

But yes till then I have a job to do – to introduce the wonderful world of books to him and make him interested in it.