Life of the kids living in our locality revolves around schools in morning and tuition classes in evening, rest of the time is spent in preparing for tests and loads of homework assignments. It is a tough and boring life, especially during early years for kids, they get so busy doing books that they lose their natural interest and curiosity in things.

They are not observant nor curious as kids should be, they show no interest in anything, other than books of their schools, and their sole aim seems to be getting good grades.

I don’t blame them, this is the proven and tested path to secure an employment – good grades in school, fighting it out in competitive exams…to secure a job.

My son is lucky though, he is still curious and observant, because he is free from the burden of rote learning and other unnecessary activities, we get plenty of time to do other things, like growing plants for food, and playing make believe games in the middle of afternoon.

snake gourd 5

We planted some climbers this year, like this beautiful snake gourd, we planted it towards the end of April. It grew really fast, in one month it climbed and twirled around a six feet wall, and started flowering and giving fruits starting from the first week of June.

snake gourd 2

I love it’s beautiful  frail white flowers, with thin lace like formations around them. To me  they looked like stars, with rays radiating out from them, like God has played with his imagination and made these flowers the replicas of the stars in the sky. However my son saw them differently “Yes, they look like stars, but they have hairs coming out of them”, he was more impressed with the fruits which looked like snakes.

Fruits that form from these flowers look every bit as dramatic, they look like snakes, hanging down from the climbers, sometimes they are long and straight or  curled up…..just like snakes.

snake gourd 3

My son exclaimed “Yes, Yes, they indeed look like snakes”.

We picked up a few snake gourds to make breakfast, and they were so delectable and juicy, quite unlike the ones we buy from shops.