I do not like to travel to see places, but I will gladly travel to live in a new place. I am among those people who do not just want to visit and see, I want to live and get the rhythm, sounds and life of the place.

Also I do not want to deal with the stress associated with traveling, which include expenses and hill sickness.

When I travel from Delhi to Uttarakhand to visit my hometown – a bustling town, in the foothills of mighty Himalayas, I like to stay for a couple of weeks at least, to avoid the stress brought on by travelling on uneven roads, cooped up in car for several hours.

longer stays mean getting ample time to catch up on a lot of things – current gossips, marriages, births, new houses that are being built on scarce lands, local politics and sometimes deaths.

This summer I am in my hometown again after a gap of four months,my mornings, usually begin with a tall cup of tea, brewed from herbs that I can find growing around the house – mint, lemon, basil, hibiscus, and turmeric. I rarely drink chai, it upsets my gut and my mind.


Our life here revolves around playing games in the lawn at dusk, running, jumping and climbing up and down the iron stair case till our t shirts are soaked in sweat. My son outruns me all the time and my body feels heavy after many months of physical inactivity but I run till the time I am steady on my feet, once I start getting unsteady I call it off and when I do, my son requests and protests to me, to keep playing,I try for some more time and then both of us give up.

Sometimes I pick a handful of basil leaves or mint leaves and hold them close to my son’s face and ask – “Do you like the smell? Guess it’s name?”.

Nowadays he guesses them correctly, I am getting some success here I think….


We feast on beautiful tree ripened mangoes early in the morning before breakfast……


For breakfast I love cooking home grown vegetables – chichinda ( snake gourd), Okhra (lady finger), but my favorite is leafy green amaranth, it is growing wild all around the house…and we can have as much of it as we like.


This summer we are not in a rush……… for anything, life is slow and steady for while….till it unwraps a new surprise.