I saw grade one text books of one of the most widely followed school boards, I thought I was having a nightmare!!

Must be a child hater – the person who devised the curriculum for grade one.

There are around 10 books prescribed for kids in grade one, and they have to buy a big school bag for accommodating all those books.

school bag

No prizes for guessing that they cannot carry these bags by themselves. Who carries these for them…their parents, big brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandpa, or grand ma…..but some kids are not so lucky, they get caught in the labour …….

Half bent from the load, tired before even beginning a long class.

When the kids have barely started reading, we want them to know about, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, seriously!!

Five years is the age to do meaningful conversations, play games, go out in the sun or rain, and for twenty minutes or so sit down and do some writing, reading or simple mathematics.

Five years is not the age to burden them with textbooks about computers which are full of non sense like computer is a machine, How to switch it on? What is a key board?what can we do with it?

…..if you buy a child a laptop, he will send you :

a message in whats app in a week.

down load games in 10 days.

send you a voice message in 15 days.

search  youtube videos in a month

and save and forward those videos in three months…

so relax….

dump the books and buy the machine.

Five years is an age at which a child should not sit in chair for 8 hours straight, it is not an age to have 8 hour schooling with only 15 minutes recess.

Please Please Please……free our kids from slavery of child haters.