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I am kavita and I am homeschooling my kid:)

I thought about homeschooling after having a bad experience with my son’s school. After pulling him out of the school I was in no hurry to put him in a new one, so I got involved with his activities and learning process at home and realized that he was catching on things faster and was happier.

Thus began my homeschool journey…

This blog though is about my own journey and experience but not the expertise.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I am in much the same position as you were prior to switching to yoga. I have done yoga in the past and loved it. Then life got in the way. I am grossly out of shape, overweight, and miserable. Now, I am determined to get back on the mat and straighten myself out. I love forward to reading more of your blog.


    1. thanks Cindy, yoga has given me amazing energy , peace of mind, and seeing from purely physical point of view today I am 57 kgs and have muscles instead of fat. I think once we find peace losing weight becomes easy


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