I am not an artist, but at this stage in my life I love art and for various reasons.

Incorporating it in between heavy learning activities  helps us relax and gets us ready for the next demanding lesson. It has its own benefits – it helps to develop imagination, it has a positive effect on handwriting skills and so on….

Every kids is different though….but I guess most would love playing with colors, if not actually drawing or painting.


My kid is not much interested in copying anything, but he loves drawing out his imaginations, and then either he tells what he has drawn, which is mostly treasure islands and spaceships, or I make a elaborate story about what he has drawn. And it makes for an interesting conversation and imagination practice.

We have enjoyed some painting together sessions as well, like this painting that we made using cotton balls dipped in water colors and pressing them to white drawing sheet.

art cotton balls painting

Sometimes, we just make patterns , like filling up the page with circles, it develops into a nice piece of art, and is good practice for improving pencil paper skills.

The idea is to try to make perfect circles.

No prizes for guessing- I made circles on left of the paper and my son on the right.


Sometimes I prefer academic study and  art work on different days, to avoid constraints of time.

Our techniques are serendipitous, however once learned we do use them frequently.

like these art works : We drew broad bold strokes of one color, black in this case, let it dry and filled it up with other color to get this dramatic effect.

painting with sun in paper


painting with pink and sun in paper