“We are what we eat” is a cliche. What we eat, where we eat and how we eat is especially significant for kids.

I have heard many moms saying “I am sending my kid to school early so he learns eating”. On the contrary I avoided sending my kid to school to make sure that he ate healthy food.

I am skeptical about the quality of food served in schools – a prominent school in Gurgaon was in news last year when a lot of kids from that school were hospitalized for food poisoning.I could never get myself to believe that food that is prepared in mass scale whether for adults or for kids is better than home cooked food prepared only for the family.

Home environment is also peaceful compared to a school environment, it is a proven fact that the environment in which we take food affects digestion and assimilation.

Home cooked food is safe to eat, we take a lot of precautions at home , stick to hygiene and cook with the best ingredients, not sure we can say the same for food prepared in commercial kitchens.

We are in control of what our kid eats when at home, basically we eat what we buy. Inculcating healthy eating habits in kids starts at home, if the kid is fed what we cook for ourselves, then he will develop a taste for it, so if we are cooking a lot of healthy food at home and feeding kid the same thing, he will develop a taste for healthy food.

Knowledge of food is real life education, and no one can teach it better than parents.

I love thinking about what we eat and searching for better alternatives, like I am mixing wheat flour with mandwa and the result is tastier rotis with more fibre.


Going to GOFM – Gurgaon organic food market, once a week to stock up on our weekly veggies and fruits is another routine which has simplified life and introduced us to new food like foxtail millets, which is also now a regular part of our diet.

Here are some pointers to raising healthy kids Health of kids, we just have to ensure we are covering all points every day.