It is easy to deal with kids, difficulty lies in dealing with people.

I wish there were more people who were neutral if not supportive of my choice, I am sad to say that most of the time, I have met with negative reactions from people around me.

Here are some samples of reactions:

“So you don’t send your kid to school, How will he know which day is Sunday?”

“Do you want to keep your kid close to you? I mean do you always want him to be by your side, is that the reason you are homeschooling?”

“Why are you homeschooling?” with a look that says you are an idiot.

“Is it because school is expensive, that you are homeschooling?”

“How does your kid even want to learn from you? our kids never listen to us”

“Will you never ever send him to school?”

“Don’t you feel tired managing your kid all day everyday? I can’t stand my kids even on holidays, how the hell do you do that?”

“What syllabus do you follow, do you buy school books? do you copy their teaching methods? do you ask teachers to help you out?”

“Homeschooling won’t work in India, because there are not enough homeschoolers to support each other for teaching kids, US is different”

“There is a school inside the campus, it is cheap, and the quality is okay, may be you can consider sending your kid there”

“Why don’t you look for a job” from parents who think I should take up a job, which pays me at least that much which covers my kids school fees.

I am sure I will get many more in future and this list will grow.

But apart from all this, there are few good people who are extremely supportive of us homeschoolers, they are homeschooling parents themselves, and some very supportive educationists.